Coffee and Donuts:
Perfect Match Like APM & ARM

Presented by Converge Technology Solutions, Instana, and Turbonomic

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Rise and Grind! We’ll be talking about a latte so make sure you donut miss it! 

APM and ARM tools such as Instana and Turbonomic can play a crucial role in ensuring that your business-critical applications meet their SLOs and enhance customer experience. 

Just like coffee and donuts, we’ll show you why they’re the perfect blend: by offering observability and automation capabilities, Instana and Turbonomic pair up perfectly to equip your organization with the necessary tools to succeed. This is particularly important as it helps build trust among stakeholders and drives digital transformation initiatives forward.

Join us to discover how Converge, Instana, and Turbonomic turn observability into action and provide automation that mitigates application performance risks while maximizing elasticity. We’ll also demonstrate how automation can be integrated into various pipelines and processes, such as IaC, ITSM, Ansible, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Jenkins, Puppet, Slack, and Terraform.

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