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When you look at your business results, you will naturally question why certain things are happening. It’s how you answer those questions that determines your level of competitive advantage.  Companies are finding success by applying “smarts” to those questions, relying on cognitive services, machine learning, optimization and pattern-based planning to drive better decision-making. This approach is even enabling companies to identify trends before they know which questions to ask. 

Deliver innovation through analytics and rapid ideation

For over 20 years, our team of highly experienced data and analytics experts have helped our clients build and deploy analytics solutions to solve complex business problems. We can help you at every stage of the analytics lifecycle, from developing a data and analytics strategy to data management, governance, visualization and advanced analytics. Our team of functional and technical experts will ensure your power users and information consumers alike have trusted, quality data available to make data-driven decisions that drive business performance.

Our data experts have the statistical and operational backgrounds to understand your business and identify use cases to leverage advanced analytics and solve complex business problems. Our team will use advanced techniques in prediction, optimization, simulation and data exploration to find undiscovered gems of insights within your data. We can help you with:

To begin a data-driven business transformation, it’s necessary to understand your current state and develop a strategy to make data-driven decisions and analytics pervasive in your organization. The Lighthouse approach is to assess your current state and analyze gaps and opportunities for improvement. We also leverage a use-case driven approach and develop a modern “bi-modal analytics” strategy to make analytics universal throughout your organization.

The proliferation of analytics tools presents great opportunities—but also great challenges—to your organization. Data discovery has disrupted both the operational BI and spreadsheet landscape. However, we believe that no one tool meets the needs of all executives, analysts and information consumers. Modern analytics tools empower analysts to access, consolidate, transform, prepare and visualize data easier and faster than ever before. However, the power of these insights is limited if they’re siloed among your analysts due to concerns of data quality, governance, security and scalability.

Lighthouse has the functional and technical expertise to help you integrate reporting and dashboard analytics tools to meet the needs of data-centric business users while balancing the needs of IT governance, security and infrastructure.

Trust isn’t a given, and accurate insights shouldn’t be either. Ensure that you’re not depending on incorrect, incomplete or misleading data with data governance, which isn’t just for IT anymore. Everyone in the enterprise is a data citizen, which means that data needs to be understood within a business context.

It’s necessary to track data’s physical existence and lineage. Maximizing its security, quality and value is increasingly important with today’s regulations. Lighthouse’s data governance consultants have the technical and business expertise to help you design and deliver a highly functioning data governance solution.

Using information to detect underlying patterns and relationships that drive performance is a powerful tool that can provide new insights. Often, such insight ultimately determines the future success of an organization, as new knowledge derived from analytics can be used to change or improve strategies going forward, thus providing strong competitive advantage.

Our team of experts can help with:

  • Implementing the tools and/or assisting with developing analytical models of relationships, market forces and correlations
  • Providing resources to accurately assess risk or client/market patterns
  • Using analytics to determine new avenues for business improvement
  • Demonstrating and implementing methods to conduct client, product or market research

Accelerate your Intelligence Journey

No matter what phase of your intelligence journey you’re in, Lighthouse is here to help. From strategy to design to tool selection to implementation, governance and predictive analytics, we can help make sure that you’re ready for organizational improvement. Let’s get started today.

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