The Power of Location - More Than Just Points on a Map

Precisely locate, geocode and enrich your customer, transaction or other data for enhanced business insights

As location data generated from global smartphone usage increases, the need for integrated location data has become a growing component of business data. The power of location can reveal relationships that may not have been noticed otherwise. To make informed business decisions, data quality, data augmentation, spatial mapping and accurate analysis are crucial. Take advantage of location-based insights to improve marketing opportunities, understand your customers, and identify and manage previously unseen risks.

Propel your organization to success with important dimensions of data analysis

As the amount of data multiplies exponentially each year, organizations are faced with the inability to understand their customers, uncover market opportunity or streamline processes. To mitigate risk and improve profitability, real-time availability of all relevant customer and location attributes are needed to enhance risk selection, customer care, product design and precision pricing. Combining data with geospatial and analytical capabilities can provide critical insights for better risk management decisions to help you maintain profitability and solvency.

Geospatial analysis enables organizations to evaluate data in the context of precise locations. These datasets (boundary data) provide the foundation needed to further enrich insights using more advanced data, analytic and visualization tools. Users can visualize and manipulate data for map representation, or link company data to accurately locate and communicate with customers and constituents for business and trend analysis.

Location and business datasets make it easy to visualize enterprise and market data in the context of location. This data (location, demographic or industry) can have a significant impact on your analysis, and essentially, on your bottom line.

Geo-enriched data sets (global streets or boundaries, points of interest, income and purchasing power, or risk and natural hazard information) can help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

Examples of common datasets include:

  • Postcode and administrative boundaries
  • Points of interest
  • World streets
  • Routing and drivetime
  • Demographics
  • Income and wealth
  • Purchasing power
  • Consumer expenditures
  • Telecommunication boundaries
  • Risk of natural disasters

As the volume of data increases, much of it can be associated with geospatial data. Social media, financial transactions and even weather patterns can be tracked using a recording sensor on the device or an address that can associate physical location with a geocode. That location can now enrich and aggregate your data to allow powerful analysis and visualization.

Customer engagement, location intelligence and data quality technologies can help address and improve your customer experience challenges. It can also:

  • Add powerful spatial capabilities to your existing business intelligence systems: compare, query and visualize location-based data
  • Add new mapping and spatial analysis to your existing reports, analytics and dashboards
  • Show immediate impact and enhanced insight
  • Standardize data across your business intelligence systems, and enrich it with any of 350+ compatible demographic, geodemographic, boundary, risk and telecommunications datasets

There is much more to your customers than your data has been telling you. Delivering relevant messaging to your existing and future customers relies on the ability to collect every piece of customer information you have across your entire business while enhancing it through new and relevant external information sources. With clean and complete data, you’ll be able to see your customers as they really are and identify the right customer to target. You’ll feel confident that you’re taking the correct action and delivering the appropriate experience to each customer.

Using a single platform, you can access, clean, verify and combine disparate data elements to provide a single, comprehensive view of a customer, patient or policy:

  • Name/address management: Verify and standardize name and address data to base your business decisions on reliable information
  • Data quality: Profile, standardize and normalize data to ensure that it’s fit for use in business processes
  • Data management and integration: Access consolidated and relevant customer information with knowledge graphs based on data modeling, rule-based data governance and integration
  • Customer analytics: Identify the most profitable opportunities and uplift among your customers while optimizing customer interactions with the best offers and self-service analytics that include intuitive dashboards, storyboards and collaboration tools

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