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Lighthouse provides the expertise and technology to help you protect your organization from cyberthreats and ensure efficient response strategies and protection plans for the future. Our services include strategy consulting, intelligence, incident response and data and application security. With our help, you’ll be able to design and install exceptional security capabilities, upgrade your systems without added risk and grow in sophistication at the right pace for your business.

Key capabilities in effective cybersecurity

  • Security strategy, risk and compliance: Design effective IT risk and security programs, improve security governance and manage regulatory compliance more effectively.
  • Security intelligence and operations consulting: Develop intelligence-driven security operations that fit your budget and risk requirements.
  • Cybersecurity assessment and response: Be prepared for security attacks and ensure quick and efficient response plans.
  • Data and application security: Protect sensitive information with exceptional data and application security capabilities.

Integrate enhanced security services

We can help you develop, implement and maintain security capabilities that will better protect your business from attacks. You’ll be able to prevent cyberattacks and respond effectively to future threats. Our expert security services can help you with: 

We can assess your current IT risk and security programs, measure the maturity and effectiveness of your security systems, develop an effective strategy for implementation, design a personalized roadmap for improvement and also advise you on PCI compliance.

We’ll help you improve information security management and governance. We’ll help you improve operational security by quickly and easily installing comprehensive security standards, guidelines and procedures. You’ll effectively manage security and regulatory compliance requirements while driving growth of your programs and building a more risk-aware culture through security education. We can also help you improve operational security for critical infrastructure.

With tailored consulting and implementation services, we’ll help you build a transformation strategy and roadmap to implement intelligence-driven security operations. We can also help you plan, design, build and optimize a world-class security operations center that fits your budget and risk management requirements.

With our help, you’ll gain leading security intelligence capabilities through SIEM design, implementation and optimization. You’ll be able to leverage proven expertise, techniques and methods to transform and optimize your SOC, platform, analytics and security intelligence. 

Be better prepared and respond faster to an ever-growing variety of security threats and incidents. Work with our expert consultants to develop the best plan to stop attacks as they’re happening and minimize potential impacts of current and future attacks. We deliver cybersecurity assessments, planning, and response services with proven expertise from mainframe to mobile.

We’ll help you implement always-current security best practices and insights. We can deliver rapid on-site response to help stop attacks in progress and reduce the potential impact. You’ll enable cost savings by reducing business disruption and facilitating better regulatory compliance management. We can also provide security review and protection for the internet of things (IoT).

Our services also include emergency response testing, incident response planning, active threat assessment and penetration testing.

Protect critical assets within your organization by improving your data and application security. We’ll help you stay current with data security best practices, and we can assist in identifying misconfigurations and weaknesses in enterprise applications.

We’ll help protect your business information over the full data lifecycle—from acquisition to disposal. You’ll be able to protect your brand’s reputation through protection of customer and other sensitive or regulated information. 

We also provide recommendations to create and maintain applications with a framework that is security-rich in its design, development and operation. You’ll be able to support a more effective, maintainable posture in the areas of compliance management and data and application security.

Let’s talk about cybersecurity transformation

Partner with Lighthouse to implement effective and efficient security services into your organization. We can help you build a solid strategy and transform your security program with the skills and support you need to stop cyberthreats in their tracks. Let’s get going.

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