Modernize Your Cybersecurity
& IAM Capabilities

Protect your business from today’s toughest cyber threats

Today’s highly-connected business environments are threatened by fast moving and evolving cyber threats that can put your business, your employees and your customers at risk. Since attacks can come from anywhere, safeguarding your business demands a multidisciplinary approach to enterprise security.

We can provide your security teams with expert support and advanced technology to protect, prepare and respond to attacks on your systems. We’ll help you protect your business and rapidly respond to incidents while maximizing the efficiency of your resources. We specialize in a host of security solutions, including our own proprietary identity and access management (IAM) platform and technology from industry leaders. We can also provide customized offerings to protect your data, users and infrastructure.

Here’s where we can help:

  • IAM Advisory And Implementation Services: Modernize your IAM systems to be more capable and affordable, from assessment to continuous delivery of infrastructure, IAM services and configuration.
  • Security Intelligence: Analyze security data to expose unknown vulnerabilities. 
  • Endpoint Management: Control which devices can access your network—from mobile devices to IoT.

Deep expertise in a staged approach

We focus on a staged approach to deliver an advisory engagement using our security expertise. Here’s how we can help:

Our security and IAM experts assess security risk, legacy technical debt and existing problems with legacy IAM and IGA infrastructure.

We build off our advisory engagement to recommend products and solutions focused on modernizing your IAM and IGA solutions.

We’ll move forward with your solution and begin the implementation phase. Our experts design, build, release and customize a modern IAM solution for your needs.

Let’s take action on IAM modernization

Let’s start a conversation about how Lighthouse can help safeguard your business. With our staged approach and skilled security experts, we’ll ensure that you deploy the best protection from cyber threats. Let’s get going.

Ensure the safety of your business and data with modern cybersecurity and IAM

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