Protect Your Organization with Security Intelligence

Monitor and respond to security risks with smarter, intelligence-driven solutions

Today’s threat landscape is evolving faster than organizations can hire security professionals to keep their systems safe. Responding to these risks requires smarter, intelligence-driven solutions that focus on maximizing resource effectiveness and minimizing damage.

Lighthouse can help you readily deploy solutions that solve your most complex security challenges. We help you eliminate blind spots and provide visibility to what really matters. Our experienced security professionals offer essential expertise, approaches and solutions. We help you effectively monitor the security of your environment, improve your security systems and quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats.

Modernize your security intelligence capabilities

  • Detect potential insider threats: Use advanced analytics and machine learning to identify and investigate threats before they disrupt your business or damage your systems.
  • Resolve complex incidents quickly and efficiently: Deploy industry-leading incident response capabilities to take instant action on security alerts, gain valuable intelligence on incident context and enable adaptive response to threats.
  • Empower security analysts with AI: .Automate investigation of incidents to identify threats, use AI reasoning to make connections to threats and reveal insights on high-priority risks and impacted systems.

Partner with a security intelligence expert

Lighthouse’s security experts can help you protect your systems with easy-to-integrate, intelligence-driven security solutions. We’ll help you stop threats from external and internal sources, implement better response strategies to prevent security attacks and use AI to respond to threats smarter and faster. Here’s how we can help: 

Over half of the security threats businesses face begin internally and often go unnoticed for months—or even years. This opens organizations up to even more security risks and cyberattacks.

By combining and correlating log activity, we can help you detect and respond to these threats before attackers infiltrate your systems and cause damage or data loss. We’ll help you use advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms to identify risky activities and users, alert security teams of threats and rapidly deploy incident investigations.

We’ll deploy a purpose-built incident response platform to orchestrate and automate your response processes. It can transform your organization’s security posture by aligning people, process and technology. The single, easy-to-use platform can easily integrate and sit on top of your current security infrastructure.

The platform produces instant incident response plans and adapts in real time as incidents evolve. It supports automated escalation, easy collaboration and out-of-the-box and custom reporting. Your security teams will build and maintain their own SOPs and action plans within hours or days—not weeks or months.

Integrating AI into your existing security systems can help your security analysts understand and respond faster to possible threats and reduce the risk of future attacks. We’ll help you deploy AI that automatically analyzes indicators of compromise and uses millions of external sources to help identify threats. AI reasoning then helps reveal connections to threat entities related to incidents.

This solution also obtains and reports on information about high-priority risks, insider threats and critical systems. You’ll be able to automatically add threats you’ve discovered to your watch lists to be better prepared for future attacks. With AI, you’ll identify threats faster and respond to threats with intelligence and speed.

Let’s take action on security intelligence

Let’s start a conversation about helping your business avoid security threats before they happen. Together, let’s improve your security posture, maximize your security technology investments and power greater visibility to your security operations. Our experts are ready and waiting to help your organization deploy the latest in security intelligence to protect your organization. Let’s get started.

Rely on intelligence-driven security systems to ensure cyber safety

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