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Cloud is delivering for today’s enterprises. Whether it’s a move to boost IT efficiency, cut costs, speed development or drive scalability, businesses are doing more with cloud. Having the right strategy can make all the difference in success. This includes setting the right pace and using the right technology and adoption approach to fit your business.

For many businesses, cloud infrastructure is a hybrid of interconnected public and private clouds and legacy systems. Making these systems work together maximizes the value of cloud investments and the benefits to your business. Having flexibility in how you approach your infrastructure is key to adapt to change and avoid getting stuck to one cloud service provider. Lighthouse can help you make the most of your cloud deployments, so they can do more for your business.

Embracing the hybrid cloud

Lighthouse will help you achieve your goals, whether you are working in the private cloud, public cloud or a mix of both. We can provide guidance and recommendations around what will work best within your environment, your application stack and your skill set. We can help you:

If you are a large enterprise, you’re likely looking at a combination of public and private clouds. We can guide you in your journey from traditional environments to cloud. This journey can be done in one step or as an evolution. If you want to move fast, we can provide strategy and implementation services to accelerate your move to the cloud. Or, we can start helping you make changes in your own environment in a private cloud, so you can easily transition to a public cloud or move workloads back and forth between public and private clouds. We can help you at every step:

  • Consolidate physical infrastructure
  • Virtualize to increase utilization
  • Standardize for operational efficiency
  • Automate for flexible delivery and self service
  • Use shared resources to create common workload profiles
  • Enable dynamic provisioning for workloads

If you are beginning your cloud journey, our trusted advisor services can help you learn about the cloud and what it can do for your business. From there, we can run workshops with you around the enablement of your development and infrastructure teams. We can assess your current environment, create your cloud strategy and implement the changes. We can support you with our services or cloud solutions from industry leaders.

Too often, companies end up married to a single cloud infrastructure provider. Lighthouse can help you avoid vendor lock-in and free your business from a single provider’s cost model, performance and availability. We can provide techniques and middleware technology that aren’t specific to a cloud provider. We’re focused on understanding your business to create solutions that scale and let you move in the direction that best suits your needs.

We can guide you along your entire cloud journey by providing architecture guidance, expert recommendations and staffing to help solve your cloud challenges.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Lighthouse CloudAssist workshops
  • Application readiness assessments
  • Cloud solution design
  • Implementation services

Let’s discuss your cloud strategy

It’s time to move faster and be more dynamic with the cloud. We’re ready to solve your toughest cloud challenges and help you start achieving your goals. Reach out now, and let’s get started.

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