Modernize Your Applications and Connect Your Cloud Environments with Middleware and Hybrid Integration

Power seamless connections, accelerate development and enable DevOps in your enterprise cloud environment

Cloud technology is reshaping the way IT delivers value across the enterprise and helping developers speed delivery of functionality to business users and customers. At the same time, cloud technology is helping IT operations lower costs, drive performance and improve scalability.

Cloud technology is a tool that can reduce the friction between development and operation teams. Cloud infrastructure and automation tools can speed application delivery, improve performance and support rapid response to change requests. The dynamic infrastructure and automation tools offered by cloud can enable the DevOps mindset, from provisioning through testing. It’s where IT can end its break/fix mentality and start to spend more time on solutions engineering that actually improves business performance.

Making the most of the cloud also means connecting and optimizing IT environments, whether it’s public, on-premises or hybrid cloud. Diverse systems must interact and integrate to support enterprise operations and processes. Whether it’s getting to market faster or merging existing systems with cloud services, secure and repeatable integrations are a must. In a way, the cloud itself is middleware since the power and flexibility of the cloud comes from how resources are dynamically deployed and utilized to create dynamic and elastic infrastructure.

Increase productivity and create a consistent experience across public/private clouds

Lighthouse Computer Services helps companies integrate enterprise systems and use cloud technology to enable DevOps. Here’s how we can help:

We’ll help you integrate on-premises and cloud-based systems. You’ll be able to deploy reliable enterprise messaging and connectivity capabilities, and we’ll work with you to integrate and sync system data into your software-as-a-service apps with a no-code approach.

We can also provide API creation and management with built-in security and governance. Our integration services include full lifecycle product configuration, development, integration and installation. We offer upgrade, consolidation and migration assessments. We also assess and optimize the performance and stability of your enterprise middleware.

Whether you’re creating new, cloud-native applications or modernizing and optimizing existing applications, we can help you shorten provisioning times and accelerate application development by leveraging containers and open Kubernetes-based container platforms. Our experts will help you build an on-demand, elastic, scalable and fully-configured application environment for development, testing and hosting.

We provide cloud infrastructure and automation solutions to enable DevOps methods and culture. This helps you move faster and remove historic walls to develop, deploy, fix and iterate solutions.

You’ll use cloud-enabled automation to support continuous delivery of infrastructure, configuration and applications. We provide consulting at high architectural levels to guide your deployment of DevOps. We also help you deploy supporting products and automation solutions.

Accelerate your cloud journey

Lighthouse is an APEX Red Hat partner! We are committed to helping our customers along their digital transformation journey, and have continued to build our skills and expertise around Red Hat emerging technologies like Red Hat JBoss Middleware, Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat OpenShift, as well as have achieved numerous Red Hat accreditations.

Let’s connect your environment with middleware and systems integration and accelerate your move to DevOps with the latest cloud-enabling technologies. Our partnerships with cloud providers can help you get there. Lighthouse is ready to have an energized conversation about your existing cloud environment, your challenges and your business goals. We’re here to help you succeed with the cloud.

Increase performance with middleware, hybrid cloud integration and DevOps

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