Are the ghosts of employee disengagement, cybersecurity threats, and poor network performance haunting your dreams?

As an IT professional, you prioritize providing your end users with secure access to data and applications. But, how do you provide secure access when users are distributed geographically and mobile? How do you ensure remote teams have the tools they need to be productive? And, how do you accommodate users’ demands to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device?

Join us for an expert-led discussion on how to transform your business to provide a true digital workplace that improves the employee experience by fostering employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity in a secure environment. You’ll learn how to:

  • Provide a seamless and engaging user experience with Cisco collaboration technologies.
  • Implement Cisco Duo to offer secure remote access.
  • Take advantage of Cisco’s ThousandEyes to monitor network performance.

Then, we’ll delve into a bit of fun, exploring the truly scary with an experienced storyteller who will share some of their most terrifying ghost stories throughout history, from traditional myths to lesser-known tales. And, we’ll host a Halloween costume contest, so please plan to be in your scariest costume and on camera to win!

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