Know Your Data. Trust Your Data. Use Your Data.

Overcome data challenges and create a source of trusted information to drive better decisions

Organizations today need data integration and governance to discover, enrich, integrate and manage data over its lifetime. Whether the data is internal, social or mobile, whether it’s on premises or in the cloud, the key to the value of data isn’t its size, quantity, speed or complexity; it’s the trusted use of the data and the confidence of knowing it’s protected from misuse.

Lighthouse will work closely with your team to ensure that you have the right tools and expertise to attain and manage consistent and trusted data that follows organizational and governmental guidelines.

Achieve a unified governance and integration strategy

Lighthouse Computer Services has the expertise to guide forward-thinking, data-driven customers in all data migration, data federation or master data management needs. You’ll learn “what” happened, so that we can help you understand “why” it happened.

Key solution concepts for data refinement, integration and governance include:

Multiple, disconnected systems or an outdated application infrastructure can negatively impact business and increase costs. We can help you use today’s software solutions to automate manual processes, thereby improving the customer experience and business process execution.

With a complete data integration solution, you’ll deliver trusted data from a variety of sources. We can help you deliver clean, consistent and timely information for your big data projects, applications and machine learning. You’ll also be able to manage, improve and leverage information to drive results, while reducing costs and the risks of consolidation.

Data quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of data for making decisions, such as identifying revenue opportunities, meeting regulatory compliance requirements and responding to customer issues in a timely manner. We’ll help you clean, manage, enhance and make reliable data available across your organization. Confidence in your data quality enables confidence in your analytics results.

Data governance enables your organization to manage its information assets and answer key questions such as:

  • What do we know about our information?
  • Where did this data come from?
  • Does this data adhere to company policies and rules?

We’ll help you use data governance practices to provide a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information. This will help you gain insight and build confidence in business decisions and operations. With good data governance, you’ll locate and retrieve information about data objects and their meaning, physical location, characteristics and usage to help improve productivity while meeting regulatory requirements.

The modern Hybrid Data Warehouse is a key element of any data management plan

The Hybrid Data Warehouse works as the foundation of a modern data warehousing architecture. It’s comprised of multiple data warehousing technologies and platforms so that the right workload is running on the right technology. From Hadoop to on-premises analytical engines to cloud-based data stores, the Hybrid Data Warehouse helps you support proactive decision making, reduce costs, streamline processes and increase business user agility.

Using a cloud-based data warehouse provides specific value by removing the need to design, develop and deploy the platform and data management framework. Aside from reducing the start-up costs, this accelerates analysis and reduces—or even eliminates—ongoing maintenance costs.

Understand the technology trends and market shifts that impact your business decisions.

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