Watch Our Event: Cyber Recovery and Data Protection

We are in a digitally connected world where cybersecurity solutions are more important than ever before. The increase in successful cyber-attacks is alarming, as the attackers are seeing more opportunity with the increase in remote working environments. Dell Technologies have worked with customers to ensure their most mission-critical data is protected by Dell’s isolated air-gapped Cyber Recovery Vault.

Join David Binkunski, Cyber Security/Recovery for the Data Protection Division of Dell Technologies as we address some of the current threat vectors and why "GOOD" is just not "GOOD ENOUGH"… Data Protection goes beyond traditional backups and disaster recovery.

Over 70% of IT Executives are not confident in the ability to recover from a cyber recovery attack, as they do not have the right tools in place to restore secure, clean copies of their data from an isolated repository. Dell Technologies does!

Through the power of our partnership, we succeed in giving you the ability to return to an operational state, without having to pay the ransom. Learn about our Proven, Modern Cyber Recovery Vault, that hardens and deepens your Cyber Resiliency Strategy.

The first 40 attendees who registered and attended the full webinar received a $200 Nike Gift Card!

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