Watch Our Event: Earth Day Event - Sustainability and Collaboration with Cisco and Converge 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we work in fundamental ways, including the ways we communicate with our clients, partners, vendors, and suppliers. The pandemic has also created new avenues for promoting organizational sustainability. Work is no longer just a place; it’s an activity. And, the future of work is hybrid: work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere.

For hybrid work to succeed, every organization needs an effective collaboration solution that promotes productivity and easy communication. According to Gartner, by 2024, 74% of all new unified communications (UC) licenses will be cloud-based, which represents a 48% increase since 2019. Hybrid work is clearly here to stay.

Join Converge and Cisco for an Earth Day event on how to sustainably prepare for the move to hybrid work. We’ll hear from experts in the fields of sustainability and Cisco collaboration solutions.

You’ll learn:

• How collaboration Technologies are making green greener

• What top corporations are doing around Corporate sustainability

• How organizations are overcoming the Triad of Global events

This Earth Day session is sponsored by Cisco and powered by Cisco Webex, a full-featured collaboration solution that brings distributed workers together. 








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