Watch our On-Demand Webinar: IBM iSeries' Superhero Paradox: How Bullet-Proof Systems Can Affect System "Bystanders"

Given the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, it is essential to regularly understand information security risk as part of a comprehensive IT security program.

As you may know, many compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, require annual IT risk assessments. The goal of typical annual assessments is rarely focused on both real-world security concerns AND mandatory compliance.

The IBM iSeries has been the choice of IT industry professionals for decades for it’s consistent operational value and rock-solid security controls and configurations, when configured properly. What happens when a misconfigured IBM iSeries system is accessible by networked devices with a lesser security reputation?

Join our webinar as our Cybersecurity professional team walks through an IBM iSeries kill chain, illustrating the potential risk a poorly managed critical system can introduce.

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