Watch Our On-Demand Webinar: Is Ransomware Your Next Disaster?

Plan for protection & recovery with Converge Enterprise Cloud & Veeam.

This joint session presented by Converge and Veeam will showcase the many options that are in the market to address the ransomware problems in play today and how IT teams are addressing and working to avoid these threats.

There are many threats to your data and ransomware is one of the most prominent types of disasters that can stop a business in its tracks. According to IDC analysts, a Spring 2021 survey stated that 95.1% of organizations have suffered a malicious attack within the past 12 months.

Please join us as we share how organizations have been able to navigate through or avoid the paralyzing effect of malware and ransomware attacks. Additionally, we will address ways to sure-up potential vulnerabilities that may exist in your environment today.

Today, it still comes down to data protection coupled with business resiliency.

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